Backdoor Orders

With the connections we have, we offer you the chance to secure future releases early & below market value.

Early Information

Prior to many hype releases we provide early & key information giving you a better chance to secure your pair on release day.

In-House Developers

Our developers work daily to maintain our custom bots, databases and tools while still being active in the chat.

Resell Predictions

We have partnered with @RetailOrResell, a renowned resell estimator, to bring you early and accurate predictions.

Exclusive Groupbuys

We have tons of connections and we constantly reach out to secure groupbuys to provide our members with access to the tools they need.

40% Off Pulse Proxies

We have our own sister company, Pulse Proxies, to bring our members 40% off their already affordable and fast proxies.

Mass SMS System

We offer a unique system where you receive text alerts for important events, such as shock drops, without having to be on Discord.

Release Guides

Our team provides our members with an in-depth guide on how to secure the item they want. We provide keywords and bot set ups.


For every important release, our team provides their members with sitelists that include many known and unknown sites.

24/7 Staff Support

Our multi-talented staff team is active 24/7. We have staff from different countries with different areas of expertise.

Reward System

We have a unique reward system built into our server giving you the ability to claim free proxies and membership discounts.

+ Much More

We have a lot more small features we haven't listed here such as daily giveaways, custom tools, double filtered monitors, working eBay View/Watchbot, and more!

What makes us different?

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    Our group is the simplest when it comes to understanding and recieving important information for releases. Even someone who has never used discord before and can easily learn how to navigate and operate through our server so they have their own success in the community.

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    We Care

    Our team genuinely cares about you. Our around the clock support system guarantees that your questions or concerns will be answered in a timely manner with the attention that they deserve and with the information you need. Ensuring the group has success is our main goal.

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    Our team is comprised of the most influencing and knowledgeable members of this community. With each staff member having years of personal experience as well as our owners owning and operating other companies in the community, we can assure you that you are in good hands.


Pulse Notify has a variety of monitors to help you cop the item you want.


The above regions are monitored to give you an instant notification of when something is loaded such as a shock drop or SNKRS Pass.

All regions

All major Shopify stores are monitored in a filtered and unfilitered channel with direct atc links and bot quick tasks.


The above regions are monitored to give you an instant notification of restocks with bot quick task integration.


Products are monitored for original drops as well as restocks. Additionally, a message will send when an item is sold out.

All regions

Many known and unknown sites are being monitored to give you instant notifications of a new product or restock.

All regions

We monitor all popular Twitter accounts such as Cyber & PD with a built in keyword finder to give you an instant notifcation of a restock.

Frequently asked questions

You may find the answers to many of your questions below.


Pulse Notify is a premium Discord group providing you with tools and information assisting you in securing hype items.

Pulse Notify is currently $50 per month and your card will be automatically charged every month unless canceled.

At this time, we accept all major credit cards. We use Stripe as our payment processor.

Follow us on Twitter and wait for us to announce a restock. Don't forget to turn on notifications!

By visiting or purchasing anything on our website (https://pulsenotify.io) you hereby agree to follow these Terms of Service. We reserve the right to change any of the information on this page without warning.

1. Distributing any information will result in an immediate and uncontestable permanent suspension from Pulse Notify.

2. We reserve the right to suspend any accounts at any time without prior warning or liability.

3. All sales are final. We will not issue refunds and / or cancellations of our digital product also known as a license key.

4. Pulse Notify does not guarantee success in any way. Our main objective is to drastically increase your chances of having success.

5. Pulse Notify does not distribute or intentionally collect private information from a user or users.

6. It's possible not all information stated on https://pulsenotify.io/ is current or up to date. We reserve the right to change and update this website at any time without prior warning.